About Us

Sabun by The Bay is a small business offering natural luxury handmade soaps, bath & body products and eco-friendly accessories. We are dedicated to crafting high-end, healthy skincare products that our customers love to use or buy as luxury eco-conscious gifts. We are passionate about looking after our beautiful planet and take pride in creating sustainable, zero-waste products, delivered in plastic-free packaging. Our workshop is located in the most beautiful countryside Long Island and Astoria New York, so we blend of city and countryside and ocean life.


Our unique formula is brimming with a gorgeous blend of nourishing ingredients that Mother Nature offers. All our soaps have a luxuriousy rich, velvety lather, leaving your skin feeling deeply moisturised. Our products are scented with pure essential oils and coloured with natural clays, and include locally grown herbs and hand-processed organic fruit peels.

Our products contain absolutely no toxins, no harmful chemicals, no bleaching or foaming agents and no preservatives!

Our soaps are handmade in small batches using the traditional cold process method with some modern, planet-friendly twists. This technique requires a lot of preparation and a minimum of 4-6 weeksof curing time, in order to ensure the highest quality and preserve the therapeutic benefits of our botanical ingredients.