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Age-Defying Under Eye Cream

Age-Defying Under Eye Cream

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Wild Pistachio and Almond oil repair and protects the skin at a cellular level. The abundance of molecular proteins in it creates a tightening effect on the skin, and research has shown that the frequent application of this oil restores the skin’s water-lipid layer, helping to neutralize free radicals, increasing the skin cell’s nutrient and oxygen levels.

Beeswax is technically a miracle for skincare, much like the sebum that our skin produces. It is one of the best substances for providing a barrier to water loss on the skin. It’s highly lubricating and antioxidative.

Highly moisturizing and soothing mango butter provides a protective barrier over the skin. It is also high in Vitamins C and A which help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

How to use:
Place a tiny bit of cream on your ring finger (your weakest finger), and gently pat or press under your eyes right on the orbital bone (that bone you feel in the eye area) until the cream disappears. As with all eye creams, just gently pat or press – do not rub or tug! 

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